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Weddings and Baptisms/Thanksgivings


St Michael’s Church makes a stunning wedding venue; it has for centuries. The church office will gladly discuss all the options for your big day. Do get in touch to talk it through. We also host occasional larger wedding services and receptions in the auditorium of the St Michael’s Church Centre. Our admin team will be glad to discuss all these options with you.

You can also visit this dedicated Church of England Church of England website for more information on having a Church wedding. And if you are looking to have your Banns of Marriage called please contact the church office or complete the online Application Form here.


Dozens of people are baptised (or “Christened”) at St Michael’s every year, either as infants or when they are old enough to choose to be baptised for themselves. Some people book the church for their own family baptism service; others choose to be baptised during one of our regular weekly services.

We also offer an alternative called a service of Thanksgiving (sometimes called a Dedication)

We can generally offer both these types of service at 12.30 on Sunday in St Michael’s Church, or during one of our services or celebrations.

For more information about Baptisms within the Church of England, take a look at this website.   

If you would like to talk about baptism or thanksgiving for your child or baptism for yourself, please contact us to discuss any of these possibilities.

Please fill in one of the online forms below and we will be in touch.



If you are an adult who has never been Baptised, please complete the form here