At St Michael’s we run an 8-week course designed to equip married couples with the tools to strengthen and enrich their marriages.

After we have shared a meal together the formal input begins, based on teaching from Nicky and Sila Lee and real-life testimony from a range of married couples on video.

Several times throughout the evening we break into our couples for various discussion exercises during which we talk privately as husband and wife (there is no requirement to discuss anything with anyone else). The evening concludes with live input from the course leaders.

The course provides some great tools to help couples develop the art of communication, learn how to resolve conflict, understand the impact of family background and generally how to keep love alive through the different ‘seasons’ of marriage.


Married couples of any age.


The course is usually held once a year.


St Michael’s Centre, North Road, Stoke Gifford.

How Much

We request a voluntary donation towards the cost the course materials and the dinner and wine over the 8 weeks.


If you are interested in taking part in the marriage course as a couple, then please get in touch to find out more.