Living to make a difference

This is our central vision as a church community;

Living to make a difference by being a Christian heart at the centre of our communities.

Our strategy for making this vision a reality has three vital themes…

Learning & Growing Together

Growing as followers of Jesus

Sharing Jesus Together

Sharing the good news we have experienced

Serving Together

Living out our faith in everyday practical ways that make a difference locally and globally


We are in the process of reviewing our strategy for 2024-2027. Details to come soon.

Vision and Strategy Document

our current strategy runs from 2021 – 2024. Each year we have updated it to reflect where we are at in the process


We are in the process of updating our values. More details to come soon.

These are the values we hold to as a church community. They characterise everything we do…

Continuity and Change

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. But, the gospel of His salvation must be proclaimed afresh in each generation.

Cross and Resurrection

We honour what Jesus did for us on the cross, and embrace the cross for ourselves while receiving the power of His resurrection to set us free.

Gracious and Truthful

We aim to be kind and generous in the way we respond to others whilst clearly communicating what we believe and why we believe it.

Leadership and Every-member ministry

We believe in missional church leaders and that every Christian serves like Jesus in their home, church, work and life.

Mission and Community

The Church must reach the lost and the poor, and work for justice, as well as being a grace-filled community where people find relationship, healing, faith, hope and love.

Natural and Supernatural

We believe in natural reason, wisdom, skill and medicine.  We are also learning to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit to minister as Jesus did.

Now and Not Yet of the Kingdom

We live in the good news of the Kingdom of God and expect signs and wonders; we also know that suffering will be part of life until Jesus returns and makes things new.

Transcendence and Presence

We celebrate God’s transcendent majesty, at the same time experiencing His intimate presence as we encounter Him in heartfelt worship.

Unity and Diversity

We unite under the banner of Christ, and honour differences in worship style and emphasis.

Word and Spirit

We believe and teach the Bible as the written word of God, whilst hearing and obeying the voice of the Spirit speaking to us individually and collectively.

Young and Old

We need the wisdom of age – aligned with the enthusiastic passion of younger people.