Who’s Who at St Michael’s

St Michael’s is a church where we all have a part to play

So really everyone should be listed here. Every part of the body is as vital as every other. We aim to discover and develop our individual gifts and abilities, and put them to the best possible use together through discipleship, outreach and serving the community.

These are the people that enable us all to play our part…

Simon Jones – Rector

I love leading at St Michael’s. I love to be in a Church that welcomes new people, that helps each other to follow Jesus more closely, and that serves the local community. That’s my passion and our vision as a Church. Come and be a part of it!

Please contact Simon at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Tom Benyon – Associate Vicar

I am drawn to the pastoral and teaching aspects of church life. I am particularly passionate about helping people grow in their relationship with God and deepen their prayer lives. As a creative type, I love seeing the visual and performing arts used in church. I’m also a keen storyteller.

Please contact Tom at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.


Julie Bradley – Associate Minister

I love the people side of church and community. I enjoy the opportunity to connect with some of the youngest (through my involvement with the Pre-School & Nursery) and the oldest (through the church services we offer at Osbourne Court Residential Care Home). But I love every age in-between as well, working together with a great many others to try and provide pastoral ministry (welcome-connection-care-prayer) to people in every season of life.

Please contact Julie at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486

Vicky Wicks – Curate

I am married to Rob and we found a home in St Michael’s in 1996.  We have two boys and I love that they feel this is their church just as much as we do.  My passion is for people to meet Jesus and to find a place to belong.  Over the years my work for the church seems to have mostly involved food.

I have just completed my training to be a vicar, and have been licensed as a lay worker, ahead of my ordination later in the year

Ian Taylor – Director of Operations

When I joined the senior leadership team at St Michael’s, I was immediately struck by the positive approach to the future, and the ambitious nature of all who I met in the church.  My particular role in the team is to make sure the foundations are there for strong and sustainable growth and be a point of contact to help knit together the various functions and ministries in the church allowing the clergy to stay sharp for their particular areas of ministry.  Thankfully I am supported in that task by a great team!

Please contact Ian at the church office 0117 969 2486

Mike Watkivs – Church Warden

I like being part of a church which has a wide range of services to cater for different ages and styles of worship.  It is also important to me that we as a church are serving the community around us through activities such as the Coffee Shop, youth work, the Community Library, Over 65s lunch to name but a few. You may well see my wife Jane and I out and about on our tandem.

Ian Osborne – Church Warden

Please contact  Ian via the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Murray Hepburn – Licensed Lay Minister

My wife, Annie, and I have been part of the church here for about 25 years and both our daughters have grown up as part of the church family.  As a lay minister I assist the clergy team by leading services and by preaching from time to time.  Annie and I lead one of the church life groups and I am also a member of the church council.

Please contact  Murray via the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Richard Willerton – Licensed Lay Minister

As a Licenced Lay Minister, I enjoy being part of the team who lead and preach at Sunday services. I play guitar in a couple of the worship teams. In 2019, I took over as leader of one of the Life Groups. I am a member of the Bristol Diocesan Synod: if you have any questions about the wider Church of England, feel free to ask me.

Julie Hobbs – Licensed Lay Minister

I love being part of a Church that has diversity in worship styles, reflecting the rich tapestry that is the Church of England. It is a real joy for me to be able to serve our Lord in this place, especially having the opportunity to be with others and to support them through life’s difficulties whatever they may be. I love also being part of a church family where people do encourage each other as they grow in faith. It is a privilege, as an LLM, to be a part of this aspect of Church by preaching and leading services and engaging in other forms of teaching and training.


John Spens – Licensed Lay Minister

Poppy and I love worshipping at St Michael’s. We moved to Bristol in 2017 and we settled in so quickly thanks to the very warm welcome we received from everyone St Michael’s.  Such a good spread of ages at the services from the youngest to the oldest.  Plus great teaching and worship. After a few months of finding our feet in a new church, we soon found various areas of church life where we can play an active part.


Chris Perkins – Licensed Lay Minister

I was first licensed in 1998 originally to a large city centre church and then for a few years to a church in Barton Hill.  Helen my wife and I enjoy the freedom in worship that there is at St Michaels, and the variety of worship styles that it encompasses from the traditional morning service to the contemporary celebrations.   It is great to be part of a body of believers at many different ages and stages of their walk with Jesus.  Our life adventure is to finish our walk with Jesus well and to encourage others to do the same.

Emma Stafford

Emma Stafford – Children and Families’ Minister

Myself and my family have been part of St Michaels’s  for over 10 years now, so to be now part of the Ministry team is very exciting. I like to be active and enjoy walking my dogs and getting out and about with the family, but also like to chill out and read a ‘good’ book. I’m really passionate about working with and serving children and families in the community. I love meeting people and building relationships;  St Michaels has so many great opportunities for that to happen, whether over a cuppa at Bumps and Babies or getting creative at Messy Church, God finds ways to use me and you to share his Love!

Please contact Emma at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486

Sam Clarke – Youth Minister

I love to see young people meet with God whether through worship, reading the Bible or through meeting together! St Mike’s holds a special place in my heart as it was the place I met and married my wife, Rachel. I’ve had four years away training with SWYM (South West Youth Ministries) at a church in Portishead and I am really excited to be back! I love nothing better than going on a walk with Rachel and my camera, capturing some of God’s awesome creation.

Please contact Sam at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486

Laura Thomas – Church Administration and Communications Manager

I enjoy being part of making things happen here and love the diversity of what goes on, alongside the unity we have in Christ. I have a passion for singing, digital communications, and advocating for single people in church.

Please contact Laura at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Rob Farrell – Treasurer

As Treasurer, I love working with the wider finance team to keep the church’s finances (budgets and actuals) under regular review.  I also love the great community feel at St Michaels which has a strong welcome for everyone.   I live in the local parish with my wife and twin boys and try to go sailing as often as I can.

Caroline Murphy – Personal Assistant and Events Support

I have been worshipping at St Michael’s since I moved here in 2006. As PA, I’m involved in liaising with clergy and lay ministers, organising meetings and events. I’m a big sports fan and love to dance, read, eat out and travel in my spare time.

Please contact Caroline at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Andy Mead – Events Manager

My family and I came to St Michael’s in September 2016 and I loved it so much I ended up working here! I am part of the team that hire out our wonderful facilities and look after the clients during their time with us. I really enjoy working closely with people from our local community and feel blessed to be in a position to be able to do this.

Please contact Andy via the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Chris Smith- Buildings, Facilities and Technical Services Manager

I began working for St Michaels in 2019, however, I have been looking after all things IT since I was a teenager. I am passionate about using technology to make our lives better and to further the work of the Church. Having watched our campus increase from a small village hall to the conference grade facility we now have, I am enjoying getting stuck in with ongoing maintenance and improvements to the buildings, whilst eagerly anticipating the opportunities for future expansion.

Please contact Chris at the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Ann Cooke – Coffee Shop Manager

I have been worshipping with my family at St Michael’s since 1993, and have been in involved in many areas of church life since then, including playgroup and Alpha.  I became the Coffee Shop manager in January 2012, having volunteered since it opened in 2004.  I enjoy working with the volunteers and serving the community.

Please contact Ann during office hours. Telephone 0117 969 2486.


Olly and Tamara McGregor – Musical worship coordinators

We have been part of the St Michaels family since 2009 and, along with our daughters Chloe and Abby, love worshipping here. Our passion is to see people of all ages encounter God through musical worship, from the singing of traditional hymns through to jumping around to funky action songs about burgers or sheep! We are always on the lookout for people who would like to get involved within the musical life of the church.

If you are interested, please  contact us at the church office.

Ewen Greenlees – Associate Youth Minister

I joined the Youth Ministry team here at St. Michaels Sept 2018. Alongside serving here at the church I am studying Applied Theology with South West Youth Ministries (SWYM). I love introducing young people to what a life alongside Jesus can look like and seeing young people embrace all that God is and all that He has planned for there lives. I also love Pizza.

Please contact Ewen via the church office. Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Janice Stace – Children’s Ministry Assistant

I first came to St Michael’s in 1992 and became a Sunday Club leader within a fortnight. Having recently given up work, I now help Emma with the varied and extensive children’s ministry. I love being able to talk to the children about God’s love for us and St Michael’s provides many opportunities to do this.

Suzy Elgood – Parish Safeguarding Officer

Please contact Suzy via the Church office. More information on our Safeguarding page