A Letter from Julie Hobbs

Recently, our family enjoyed a wonderful day at the ‘Hidden Valley’ in Cornwall. It’s a place full of puzzle trails and a maze to get lost in. As I watched our four grandchildren working things out with such enjoyment written on their faces, for a fleeting moment, I wished I could freeze them in that happy place and keep them from everything they will have to face up ahead.

Of course, in reality, time does not stand still, and we live in a world that is constantly changing. Most recently, all of us have gone through so many changes because of the Covid pandemic. We have all suffered in one way or another and we long for all restrictions to be lifted and life to become ‘normal’ again.

But as I pondered the future for my grandchildren during this lovely day out, I was reminded yet again by God that whatever changes around us, he never changes. He is the same as He was yesterday, as He is today, and as He will be tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8). In a world of changing situations and changing people, God’s perfect character and nature will always be the same. He has a perfect love for each one of us. While change brings uncertainty and can be scary, remember God is not surprised by any of this. He will always remain in control. Biblical prophecies about the future remain unchanged and true. We can wholeheartedly trust Him through all the things that happen up ahead.

God is not like us; we change with the wind, but He never changes. He will fulfil his promises because He is the never-changing God. We have included some resources with this letter that we hope will give you a sense of encouragement and a reassurance that, while the world may change around us, God is the constant foundation we can hold on to.

May God bless each one of you and keep you in his love and care.

Julie Hobbs

Licensed Lay Minister and Pastoral Care Assistant