The Alpha Course

We’ve been running Alpha at St Michael’s for many years, and hundreds of people have enjoyed the space to ask the big questions of life in a relaxed and open environment.

Alpha is a place where no subject is off-limits, and no question is too silly, difficult, or controversial (really!). It’s a place to find out what Christians believe, to see whether any of it adds up in practice, to decide what you think and – if you’re up for it – to give some of it a go.

We’d love you to join our next Alpha. There is one starting on Wednesday 1 May in the evening (7pm). To sign-up click here or email

How Alpha works:

We meet once a week, on a Wednesday, for 8 weeks. There is a Saturday together in the middle for a slightly longer time of food and discussion.

  • Alpha always starts with food.
  • There’s usually some live music.
  • Then there’s a 30-minute presentation on different aspects of faith and Christianity, covering topics like, Who is Jesus? How and why should I pray? How does God guide us?
  • We then get to respond to what we’ve heard, share our own thoughts and experiences, and chew over any questions raised. These discussions are often the best part of the session, and we get to hear from others as well as contribute our own perspective – if we’re up for that.
  • The evening finishes at 9.30pm

Please get in touch

To find out more about Alpha, or to sign up for the next course, please contact us!