Bible Reading Plans for 2024

Deepen Your Connection with God in 2024: Recommended Bible Reading Plans

As we approach a new year, many of us look for ways to refresh and renew our lives. For Christians, one of the most enriching ways to do this is to deepen our connection with God through Scripture. Engaging with the Bible daily brings spiritual growth, and guides our everyday lives.

If you’re looking for a Bible reading plan for 2024, we’ve pulled together a few options that may help in choosing a plan that’s right for you: Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just starting out, there’s a plan to help you dive deeper into God’s Word.

The Bible with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel (formerly The Bible in One Year) is an excellent free resource from the team that produces the Alpha Course   You can read it directly on the website, listen wherever you access podcasts, download an app, or purchase a book.  There are three different plans: Classic, Youth, and Express.

The YouVersion Bible App is also an excellent resource for different lengths of reading plans as well as one-year plans.  Many of us have this app already on our phones. The above options have accompanying commentary to help us in our reading.  But some of us may prefer to just have the plan without the commentary:

The Bible Project has available a downloadable and printable one-year reading plan.  You can find that here.

Blue Letter Bible has a downloadable chronological plan here.

And there are many more out there.

Some tips:

  • Choose a plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you.
  • Be consistent. Even a few minutes of daily reading can make a big difference.
  • Engage with the text. Ask questions, take notes, and reflect on what you read.
  • Pray. Ask God to open your heart and mind to His Word.
  • Consider Reading along with your Life Group. Sharing insights with others can deepen our understanding and enrich our experience.

We encourage everyone to explore the many Bible reading plans available and find one that resonates with you. May 2024 be a year filled with rich blessings and a closer walk with God!