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Bumps and Babies

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The next events for Bumps and Babies are:


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The next events for Beehive are:

  • Beehive on Thursday, 30 June 2022 at 9:00am
  • Beehive on Thursday, 7 July 2022 at 9:00am
  • Beehive on Thursday, 14 July 2022 at 9:00am
  • Beehive on Thursday, 21 July 2022 at 9:00am

Wonderful Wednesdays

14 July

Happy Wednesdays Wonderful People! Here is Hazel with our final memory verse. We hope you have a lovely summer and hope to see you at church soon! 

7 July

Hello Wonderful People! Here’s Gill with our next video… looks like she’s carrying a heavy load, I wonder whats in her bag? Here is the memory card you can print too.

30 June

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Join Jemima for our next Wonderful Wednesday video, and here’s the memory card.


23 June

Hello Wonderful People, here’s Rob with our next memory verse, and don’t forget you can print the memory card off too! 

16 June

Happy Wednesday! Join Hazel as she teaches us a new way to remember our next memory… get your hands warmed up for some clapping!

9 June

Welcome back wonderful people, here’s our new memory verse to learn, enjoy! And don’t forget you can print the memory card too! 

26 May

Hello Wonderful People! Here’s Emma with our next bible verse, why not grab a blanket and learn the verse along with Emma! You can also print off the memory card here. 

19 May

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Here is our next memory verse from Hazel and her special guest…don’t forget you can print your memory card as well! 

12 May

Hello Wonderful People, here’s Rob with our next memory verse! Here’s our memory verse card you can print, Rob’s also put together a sheet where you could learn the verse and draw or write the things you are worried about.

5 May

Join Gill as she explores our next memory verse, all about giving thanks to God. Don’t forget to post Gill’s challenge if you try it or print off our memory verse card if you would like!

28 April

Happy Wednesday! Join Emma as she dances it out to learn a new memory verse! Here is our memory card you can print and this is the song Emma’s learning if you’d like to have a listen! 


21 April

Hello Wonderful People! Join Hazel for our next memory verse looking at God’s promises. Here is the bookmark and memory verse card to print!


31 March

Happy Easter! Join Rob for our next bible verse where he reminds us God’s promise that He is always with us! Here’s the verse card, and have a great Easter Holiday! 

24 March

Here’s our next bible verse, check out Gill as she gets into a bit of trouble… I wonder if she will be sorry? Don’t forget you can print the verse card here.

We also have some great resources for Holy Week. Download them here

17 March

Happy Wednesday! Here is our first memory verse video and we’ve made a memory verse card for you here. Have a good week! 

10 March

Hello Wonderful People!
We have finished looking at the Armour of God.
Get your jumping feet on, watch this video and find out what we are going to start looking at next.

3 March

Hello Wonderful People! Here is our final video looking at the Armour of God. Join Jemima as she explores the Helmet of Salvation… whilst riding a bike!

24 February

Hello Wonderful People! We hope you had a good half term? Join Gill as she explores the Sword of the Spirit this week, and check out some activities here. 

10 February

Happy Wednesday! Join Rob as he shares with us the importance of the Shield of Faith. Don’t forget to check out the activities and share anything you get up to on the facebook Group.

3 February

Here’s Hazel with our next part of the Armour of God… she’s got a parcel I wonder what’s in it? Also check out the fun crafts and games Hazel’s made. See you next week! Shoes of peace craft sheet

27 January 

Happy Wednesday, join Gill for our next Wonderful Wednesday video where she explores the Breastplate of Righteousness! Check out Gill’s breastplate and why not have a go at making your own! Remember to share a picture on the facebook group. Breastplate of Righteousness activity sheet

20 January Here is our next Wonderful Wednesday video, where Emma will be kicking off our adventure looking at the Armour of God! Make sure you check out the resources and post a picture of anything you make on the Facebook Group.  To help us learn about the Armour of God have a look at this super fun song!

Download a wonderful activity sheet here

13 January: Hello Wonderful People! Welcome back to Wonderful Wednesdays. This week I have shared with you a super easy way to pray as prayer is such an amazing way to share your day and feelings with God. I would love to encourage you to try the TSP prayer and share with you this link to a great website with lots of different prayer ideas and crafts to try out! See you all next week. 

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Bubbles at Bedtime

The Bubbles leaders, ably assisted by Jack (the puppet)  read a short Bible story and sing some of Jack’s favourite songs.  

Children’s Ministry

Welcome to the webpage for Children’s Ministry. We love hearing from you, so please do get in touch

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For the family

Worship for Everyone -Live Family Worship

You can also head to where Nick and Becky Drake lead live family worship which comes highly recommended by Tom Benyon and family! They also have a youtube channel

Bible Project Videos

The Bible Project is a lovely resource. They produce short animated Bible videos and other resources to make the bible accessible to everyone, everywhere. Their resources are free.

Emma StaffordEmma says: “We have used this as a family and it suits all ages and abilities…You can pick & mix your own study to suit your needs, Enjoy! “

For the Kids

The Brick Bible: This is a great resource for the lego lovers out there. The Bible is illustrated with all lego figures and scenery, to help guide children through the Bible. it involves reading through the different books of the Bible which again can be tailored around individual needs.

Jack Songs

Baby Groups



Seedlings is for mums with babies under 1 year on Monday mornings.

We meet in a great venue: The Vench, which is not far from Cheswick, Stoke Park and Scholars Chase.

Please email for more information

Bumps and Babies

Bumps and Babies  is  for expectant parents and parents with under 1 year olds

We meet in St Michael’s Centre in term-time on Monday afternoons between 1pm and 3pm


Sunday Club

Sunday Club is church for children.  It’s much more fun, active, energetic and creative than most of the things grown-ups do in church.

If you are aged between 0 and 11 years old, you will be very glad to hear that every Sunday morning, at our 10.30 service, different activity groups are provided for everyone who is primary school age or younger.  If you would rather sit quietly and listen to a grown-up talking for quite a long time, Sunday Club is not for you.  It’s strictly reserved for young people that want church to be more fun than that.

We all meet together – grown-ups and children – for the first part of the 10.30 service.


For parents with little ones aged 0-3, Creche is designed for  parents with little ones to sit in comfort with others. A Creche leader will organise the group. Toys and craft will be put out for children and the service will be streamed live for parents to watch. Alternatively you can chat with others in the room.


Bubbles is a group for children who are aged between 3 and school reception age.

A Bubbles leader will set out fun and engaging activities for the children, they will hear a bible story and learn about Jesus together. This group is designed for parents/carers to leave their child/children for the session, so it requires them to be independant and self-sufficient in the bathroom. Please contact Emma if you would like to discuss your child/children’s needs

Kidz Club

For children who are in school years 1-6, we have our kidz club.

Run by some lovely Kidz Club leaders, our all-together sessions are deisgned to praise and worship Jesus. Exploring the Bible through stroies, games, activities and sharing.

Smaller discussion groups and prayer will also be included. Snack and drink wll be included in our sessions

This session is designed ofr parents to leave their children

(If you’re too old for Sunday Club, but still not a grown-up, you may want to be a part of FXG or Word.)

Toddler Groups


is an opportunity for Parents and carers of young children to come and socialise and meet others. Toys, games, craft & Bible stories are all part of our sessions. 

Cashless payment preferred.  No need to book, just turn up!


St Michael’s Cente, Stoke Gifford


We meet during term time, every Thursday morning from 10.00 till 11.30am.


Saplings is a group for a parent/carer to bring pre-schoolers over 1 year on Friday mornings.


The Vench Adventure Playground – Cheswick


We meet during term time, every Friday morning.

Please email for more information

FXG and Word

These two groups meet during the 10.30 Celebration to give young people a chance to learn more about God and what it means to live as a Christian.


FXG is for anyone in school years 7–9 who wants to learn more about God and what it means to live as a Christian.

We meet on Sunday mornings during the 10.30 Celebration.


WORD is similar to FXG but for those in school years 10–13.

Both Groups also meet on a Wednesday evening

For more info please contact our youth team via the church office


Messy Church

Please join us for another great session of Messy Church on Wednesday 6 July . Our theme will be “Breakfast on the Beach”.

ogether we will move around specially designed stations to explore the story of Jesus having breakfast on the beach with his friends. Our 2-course tea will be an All Day Breakfast with a sweet treat for pudding. Please advise of any allergies or special requirements.

Booking is essential for both adults and children who wish to attend. Please come for the whole session. 

We will be moving around in groups so please do tell us who you would like to be bubbled with?

We look forward to seeing you soon