St Mikes Youth now has its very own Minecraft server and all Youth members are invited to come and create with us….

Our Goals

  • Offer a safe space where young people can join together to create and play
  • Have some fun!

Server Rules

  • No Swearing
  • No bad language
  • No Grieifing
  • Be Kind to each other and work together

What you need to do to join us

  • Request access to our server by clicking here and sending in your username

In order to keep this server a safe environment, we will be operating a ‘white list’ – only those people who are on the white list will be able to join the server.

  • Have the latest vanilla JAVA Minecraft launcher installed on your computer

Unfortunately the player cap for the Bedrock edition’s (Windows 10, Mobile, etc) only allows 11 players on the server at a time, by using the Java version we are able to have more players without incurring significant costs.

Mods on server

Various anti-cheat and fair play mods

  • You are not able to build or destroy in or around the spawn area
  • You are not able to install x-ray or other cheats on your client – the server will boot you off

Chat Control

  • Please do not try to swear on the server or be insulting. If you swear in chat (or on a sign) then the server will boot you off straight away.
  • The server keeps track of all /msg (messages) sent to other plays, with the Youth Team and Server Admin will be reviewed to ensure that only appropriate messages are sent.
  • Repeated or serious breaches of these rules will result in your name being removed from the whitelist and you will not be able to play anymore

Percentage sleep mod

  • If 1/3 of plays sleep in beds at the same time then night will be skipped and the sun will rise again

Backpack Mod

  • Each player will receive a backpack with extra inventory slots in, which should make life a bit easier. If you die you retain the backpack – but will lose anything inside of it!

Marker Mod

Each player is allowed to set up to 4 markers on the server which they can then use a compass to navigate back to – so go build a compass ASAP

Marker commands

/marker set <name>
Type the above to set a marker

/marker view
Lists the markers you have set – in case you forget the name you typed

/marker delete <name>
Delete the maker you type in

/marker track <name>
Your compass will point to the named marker while on your Hotbar or in your hand

Sign up

Uniformed Groups

During term time in the Old School Rooms at St Michael’s we host a full spectrum of uniformed groups.
Details of spaces and subscriptions are available from the different group leaders listed below.


Beaver Scouts are boys and girls belonging to the first and youngest section in the Scouting family
In Scouting, we believe that young people learn well when they are enjoying learning by doing.

Boys and girls aged 6–8

5.30–6.30pm on Mondays or 5.30-6.30pm on Wednesday

The Old School Rooms (downstairs) or St Michaels School, Ratcliffe Drive

Please contact Beavers by visiting www.stokegiffordscouts.co.uk


Cub Scouts are young people aged between 8 and 10½
We make up the second section of the Scouting family, between Beavers and Scouts

Boys and girls aged 8–10½

6:45–8:15 pm on Mondays

The Old School Rooms (downstairs)

Please contact Cubs by visiting www.stokegiffordscouts.co.uk


The Scout Troop is the third section in the Scouting family, above Beavers and Cubs

Scouting aims to help young people achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.


Boys and girls aged 10½–14


7.00–9.00pm on Wednesdays

The Old School Rooms (downstairs)
St Michaels School, Ratcliffe Drive

Please contact the Scouts by visiting www.stokegiffordscouts.co.uk


Solar Explorer Scout Unit

A busy, popular Explorer Scout Unit which offers young people the chance to participate in a variety of different activities that provide fun, challenge and adventure.
We operate and run the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and provide numerous residential opportunities for the young people to participate in.

Young people aged 14–18

8.15pm–9.45pm on Mondays

The Old School Rooms (downstairs)

Please contact Cubs by visiting www.solaresu.co.uk

There are also several groups affiliated to St Michael’s who now meet elsewhere:

The Girl Guiding Group for girls from 5–7 years old
Rainbows have fun! They play games, have parties and make things while developing life skills.

Girls aged 5–7

Tuesdays 4.30–5.30pm

St Michael’s School

Contact name: Alix Evans
Email: 2ndstokegiffordrainbows@gmail.com
Phone: 07505 441422

For girls aged 7-10 years, either new or following on from Rainbows
A fun, safe environment where girls get the chance to try new activities and crafts.

Girls aged 7–10

Tuesday evenings 6.00–7.30pm or Thursday evenings 5.30–7.05pm

St Michael’s School


Louise Carver, 1stsgbrownies@gmail.com, 07776 388681

1st Stoke Gifford (St Michael’s) Guides
In Guiding today girls have the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills, gaining a sense of empowerment, learning to take the initiative and making lasting friendships at home and abroad.

Girls aged 10–14

7pm–9pm on Fridays

St Michael’s School

Name: Jackie Padgett
Email: stokegiffordguide@btinternet.com
Phone: 0117 969 8007

Teen Central and CLUB

Teen Central

Years 7-9

Open youth club for anyone in the school Years 7 – 9. It runs on Thursdays from 7.30pm to 8.45pm in term time at the Old School Rooms. Membership Required.


Years 10-11

Open youth club, every Thursday of term time, 7.30-8.45pm in the new St Michael’s Centre. Membership required.

To become a member of either group, sign up here.

Talking to our young people webinar

A Kintsugi Hope event

How do we talk to our children and young people about war and it’s implications?

Register here

Kintsugi Hope are putting on a 1 Hour Webinar on speaking to our young people about war. If you’re a parent, youth worker, teacher, grandparent or anyone else who’s interested in this discussion why not join us in your lunch hour at 1pm on the 18 March online for free to be part of this conversation.

  • How to deal with Second Hand Trama
  • The effects on our Mental Health
  • Teaching Resilience
  • Remaining Compassionate

Speakers – Patrick Regan OBE, Joel Harris & more guests to be added

Patrick Regan OBE and co-founder of Kintsugi Hope came about following a series of personal trials and ill-health affecting Patrick and his family. Prior to that, Patrick led urban youth work charity XLP, which he founded in 1996 and ran for 22 years. Patrick is also a parent to 4 children.

Joel Harris developed and oversees the youth & student work of the charity. He is passionate about helping his generation be freed from the shackles of poor mental health.

Olu Oyerinde: Is an experienced Child and Youth Mental Health Nurse.

St Michael’s Summer Club

Summer Club 

We are delighted to say that Summer Club is back again in 2022. 

Tuesday 9 August – Friday 12 August – Activity Days at St Michael’s Centre

Saturday 13 August – Family Day Out (location tbc)

Sunday 14 August – Summer Club Family Celebration at St Michael’s Centre as part of our Ten-Thirty Celebration.

Children’s Summer Club
Timing: 10am – 2pm
Location: St Michael’s Centre, Stoke Gifford
Age: Year 1-Year 6 (Sept 2022 start)
Price: FREE (Donations welcome)
We will be doing games, activities, crafts, spending time together and having fun while we grow in our faith. Bring your own packed lunch and we will eat together.

Youth Summer Club
Timing: 6pm-9pm
Location: St Michael’s Centre, Stoke Gifford
Age: Year 7-Year 13 (Sept 2022 start)
Price: £10 per person**
We will be doing games, activities, spending time together and exploring our strengths.

**Price includes 4 meals plus other exciting activities and will reflect what we can provide inline with COVID restrictions

Tickets go on sale to returning attendees on the 28 February and for everyone else, the tickets go on sale on the 7 March at 9am. 

To sign up – please click here! 

If you have any queries please email summerclub@stmichaelsbristol.org and one of the team would love to help you.

Are you interested in serving on our team this year? If so, please email summerclub@stmichaelsbristol.org (or speak to Jacob, Sam or Vicky)

We had such an amazing time at Summer Club 2021!  Watch the highlights video below



All-age Nativity on 12 December

Please join us and join in our all -age nativity.

We invite everyone (including adults) to come dressed as:

Mary, Joseph, Angels, Shepherd & animals (sheep/donkeys etc). Anything goes!

There will be some moving around when in the auditorium.

Look forward to seeing you there

Tom, Emma & Sam

Discipleship Year Opportunities

St Michael’s are joining in with New Wine to offer three 18-24 year olds an opportunity to take part in the New Wine Discipleship Year.  This will include as part of the training, placements in St Michael’s in the following areas.

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Associate Youth Minister

Student and Young Adult’s Ministry Assistant

St Michael’s will pay course fees, travel for the study day in Cheltenham and mission costs.  Assistance with accommodation may be possible also.  Contact Ian on ian@stmichaelsbristol.org for further details.  Please submit your formal application before Thursday 20 August.  

Operations Discipleship Year We are also looking to offer one 18 to 24 year old the opportunity to take part in the New Wine Discipleship Year with the Operations and Administration Team with a focus on St Michael’s Centre.  In the first instance, please express your interest to Ian@stmichaelsbristol.org.



Help shape the faith of the next generations!

We are currently recruiting for two exciting and key positions in the life of St Michael’s.

Youth Minister

Children and Families’ Minister

Both are senior leadership positions. The successful applicants will have a passion to reach and enable children and/or young people to follow Jesus, and a call to equip volunteers for works of service.

Is this you, or someone you know? Closing date for both positions is 30 April