COP 26 Tearfund Service – 3pm Sunday 7 November

Join Pete Greig, Carol Ng’ang’a, and Celtic Worship in a powerful climate-themed church service on Sunday 7 November, brought to you by Tearfund.
This November, world leaders will gather in Glasgow for the UN climate talks, COP26. This is a critical moment – and the church has a crucial role to play in speaking up and praying for our global neighbours living in poverty.

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Climate Factsheet from Tearfund – download here

Eco church

We are currently working towards Eco Church accreditation with A Rocha

Prayer for Climate Change

You spoke into the silence
Light suffusing darkness.
You spoke into the silence
Blowing clean life giving air into the space
You spoke into the silence
Warmth and cold infusing the air
You spoke into the silence
Solid ground formed out of gushing water.
You spoke voice carrying over the sound
People, plants and animals came to life.
You spoke each creation balanced against the next so life would be abundant and sustainable.
You saw everything you had made and declared it to be very good.
You spoke choosing to give us humans stewardship over all that You had made.
We speak and act
Darkness of pollution limits light levels and damages the air we breathe.
We speak and act
Ground poisoned, burnt, stripped bare.
We speak and act
Spoiling, limiting, destroying quality of life and life itself.
We speak and act
Without hearing Your call over the noise of the world to be good stewards.
You speak. You create. You want us to be stewards of Your creation.
We come to You to re-learn how to care for the earth and people you have made.


Katrina Rowland