Gift Day for Ministry and Mission 2022

Jesus makes a difference. He gives so much to us. Will you give back to Him?

Click here to respond. Click here to see our financial questions and answers.

Here at St Michael’s, our giving helps so much to happen!

To do all that we are doing costs £1440 per day. Currently, we are giving £1261 per day. Whilst we have a planned gap in 2022, this Gift Day gives an opportunity to close it in 2023.

Please think and pray about what you might give this year. Either as a one-off payment or a monthly standing order payment.

We invite everyone at St Michael’s to count ourselves in by giving. Our generosity helps us to Learn and Grow, Share Jesus and Serve….TOGETHER!


Please add your response by filling in the form below. Or, if you prefer, download a paper form. You can also email us if you have any queries.

After you have completed the form you’ll get an email with details on how to give.

If applicable, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration below, If you have already completed a Gift Aid form for us, you do not need to complete this part

Declaration of payments made by an individual to a charity
For completion by the donor:

•This declaration will cover all donations I have made since 6 April 2022 and all donations I make hereafter (either through multiple or single payments)
•Please treat my donations as Gift Aid donations (so that you can reclaim the tax back on my giving)
•By digitally signing this form, I confirm that I am a UK taxpayer. I understand that I must pay an amount of Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all charities that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes, such as VAT and council tax do not qualify and that St Michael’s Church will reclaim 25p on every £1. I will tell St Michael’s Church if I am no longer a taxpayer.

After you have pledged – check out how to give