Mothering Sunday Message from Vicky

As I write the sun is shining – long may it last!

At this time of year, I love seeing the daffodils coming out (there’s a patch just outside our kitchen window) – the yellowness of them always brings such joy and hope of new life. This is also a time when we are looking forward to Mothering Sunday. Mothers’ Day comes with all sorts of emotions, so let’s take care of one another as we enjoy celebrations, as well as holding some of the difficult things. Let’s take the chance to celebrate all the women in our lives, both past and present; all that they are or have been, and how much of an amazing impact they have, and have had, on us and those around them.

The lovely daffodils also remind us that it’s not long until Easter. The Easter story is such good news for all of us. There are lots of religions out there, all describing different ways to reach God. The brilliant thing about Christianity is that God has already done the reaching, as he came to live among us in the person of Jesus. Jesus didn’t only come and live with us; he has shown that he is stronger than death itself by dying and coming alive again, which is what we celebrate at Easter. He did this so that we can get to know God for ourselves. If you don’t yet know God for yourself (or even if you do!), why not come and join in one of our Easter services and find out more? We have reflections on Good Friday and services and celebrations on Easter Sunday. All the details can be found here

As we continue to hear about all that is going on in Ukraine and Russia, it is sometimes hard to know what to pray. A good place to start is for ourselves not to give up.  We know God is with us, as well as with those facing violence and fear in Ukraine, so let’s pray for hope and for peace, and until that happens let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to bring strength not to give up.

It feels that, 2 years after our first lockdown, things are beginning to return to normalI hope this makes you feel glad, but for those of you for whom this makes you feel anxious, please be assured of our prayers.

God bless and love to you all