Next phase of work at St Michael’s Centre

The ground floor Arches Corridor (beyond the Resources and Seminar Room), is the last remaining construction phase of  St Michael’s Centre.   Finishing this work will bring five more rooms into use, plus a kitchen. This will meet the demand from our own ministry areas , as well as from external hirers. 

At their meeting on Monday 17 February 2020, the St Michael’s Centre Trustees agreed to award the contract to Stone BCI Ltd, the company that worked with us to complete the balcony and the offices.  Work will start in April 2020, and plans will be on display during March.

At the end of March, there will be an opportunity for everyone to view the space  as it currently is, to get an idea of what an amazing facility it will be once it is finuished.

There are other elements of the building still to complete (kitchen equipment, an improved air-handling system, audio equipment upgrades and retractable seating in the Auditorium) and there are still £1.375m of mortgages and loans to be repaid.

Please pray about how you can give regularly towards the St Michael’s Centre and for the upcoming Gift Day in May this year, which supports our  buildings and resources.