Day of Prayer and Fasting for Bristol

Churches across Bristol are joining together on Wednesday 6 March to fast and pray for Bristol.

This is in response to the recent spate of murders and other knife crime, the death of three small children in Sea Mills, and a violent rape in our City Centre. All of these have all focused attention on problems Bristol faces. Many Christians and Churches around our city have of course been praying this is an invitation to some united prayer and fasting. We are inviting you to please us join as we humble ourselves before the Lord and spread a prayer canopy over Bristol.

Churches are all responding in different ways. There is a city-wide gathering at Bristol Cathedral at 6pm.

St Michael’s is responding with a zoom gathering at 6.30pm for half an hour of prayer together. Get the zoom link here

You may wish to fast as well. More details on fasting here

More details on the city-wide response here.