Prayer for the Nation – November 2020

On Wednesday 4 November, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and Bishop of London called the Church of England to prayer for the nation throughout the month of November. Click here to read the letter

Throughout the month, we are encouraged to pray daily for a specific area of national concern, wherever we are, culminating in a collective moment of prayer at 6pm each evening.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said: “On the brink of this second lockdown we might understandably feel helpless, anxious and vulnerable. And we do what we can to halt the spread of this virus – but we can still feel powerless. Is there anything else we can do? Really do?
Yes. Yes there is. We can pray. Prayer is my first response when I feel out of my depth, when I need help, when I am worried, when I am concerned for those I love. It is a gift that God gives to all – whether you are a regular pray-er or not – bring your cares and the cares of the nation to God. For God loves and hears and holds. Prayer changes things.”
The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, said: “Prayer changes things. It changes things by inviting God into the room. At this challenging time when all of us are fearful and anxious, and when so many are suffering, it is the one thing we can all do. We can pray and invite God to change us, giving us the solace, strength and comfort we need for the difficult winter that is ahead of us. Let’s pray together at this difficult time.”

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Members of our Operations Team share the prayer for each day below


Schools and colleges, children and young people.

We pray for all those involved in the shaping of young lives. We give God thanks for the sacrifice and commitment of teachers and all those involved in serving children and young people in education. We pray that all might be nurtured and cared for and that every needful resource would be made available – that all lives can flourish even in these difficult times and that no-one would be overlooked.


The elderly, isolated and vulnerable.
We echo God’s commitment to
those most at risk of this virus
by praying today for those who
are particularly vulnerable and isolated: praying for their deliverance, protection and comfort. We hold before God those who care for them – that they would be strengthened and encouraged in this work.


Businesses, the workplace and economic wellbeing.
In this time of great challenge,
we pray for the economic
wellbeing of the country. We remember before God those
who face great uncertainty in
their work. We lift before God those who have lost their jobs and face an uncertain and difficult future. We pray for a renewed commitment to our common life together


The NHS and other key workers.
Our God is the great healer –
and the agent used more than
any other is the NHS. Today we voice our gratitude for those who serve this country in the National Health Service and pray for that God would prosper the work of their hands – that they would all be encouraged in their continued
work of sacrifice and care amongst us


National and Local

We pray for those who are
in positions of authority with
responsibility for decision
making at national and local
level at this difficult time. We
ask that God would give great
wisdom, deep commitment to
all and right judgment.


All who are grieving, and all suffering with physical and mental ill-health

We bring to God all those who suffer in body, mind, spirit or with grief. We ask that in God’s great loving kindness they might know God’s sustaining presence amidst their pain. We pray for those who are stretched beyond their own capacity to cope and remain hopeful – that in the roar of these waterfalls God would bring a sense of coherence, comfort and strength.


Family, friends and
loved ones.

We lift to God those we hold in our hearts – praying for their health, their well-being and their sense of hope.
We pray that even when loved ones cannot physically be together they would not feel apart. We ask for God’s help in our communicating, our connecting and our caring.