Prophetic word for Heart of the Community

At the recent Church Weekend, the following prophetic word was given:

“I want to share picture of a brick wall being built by two people kneeling side by side, one crying and one laughing. Psalm 126:5 “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” As you build sacrificially and joyfully side by side, there is a promise of a harvest as you sow into the Kingdom of God. It’s the offering of your lives and not just your skills that brings this about. I saw grass growing up through the bricks and the concrete. I felt that this land was once ‘common land’ belonging to the people. There are three levels of ownership on the land:

1. We own it.

2. The ‘people of the community’ own it – it’s for them.

3. Jesus is the ‘Land-Lord’ – He owns it and claims the right to it.

If you remember this, He will bring life to this project. Remember this and you will be like living stones, built into a holy priesthood. Each of us are like stones with a unique offering to bring.”

There are four types of stone in the wall (people who are needed):

Some people who are called to be ‘reassuring’; those who say, “it’ll all be alright!” (When money is tight and chaos breaks out, they will be saying, ‘it’ll be alright!’)

Others are those who ‘see’ – people who see a vision for what is possible.

Yet others are people who will labour in prayer.

Lastly, there are those who will weep with those who weep, and live alongside them and carry them.