Thanks to the Arches Volunteers

On a very warm Thursday the staff team was supplemented by a great bunch of volunteers to clear the arches in St Michael’s Centre (Thanks to Phil, David, Andy, Freddie, Johnny, Jacob and Dan). 

We are now ready for the builders!  The foyer is now filled with items for re-storing in the new room configuration.

The ground floor Arches Corridor (beyond the Resources and Seminar Room), is the last remaining construction phase of  St Michael’s Centre.  

Finishing this work will bring five more rooms into use, plus a kitchen. This will meet the demand from our own ministry areas , as well as from external hirers. 

At their meeting on Monday 17 February 2020, the St Michael’s Centre Trustees agreed to award the contract to Stone BCI Ltd, the company that worked with us to complete the balcony and the offices.  Work was due to start in April, however this has been postponed due to Covid-19. We hope to make a start on it on 15 June.