Clothes Swap

On Saturday 16 March, the Eco Group is holding a Clothes Swap from 10am – 12pm in the Lower Hall in St Michael’s Centre.

What is a Clothes Swap? 

It is described as “where people gather to exchange clothing that they no longer wear.  This helps in responsibly rehoming clothes that no longer have value to you but could be just the right thing for someone else’s wardrobe. In a world thriving on overproduction of clothes, a clothes swap is a way to extend the lifetime of the clothing we already own, and making our wardrobes more economic”. 

For this event, please bring men’s, women’s or child’s (age 5 and above) clothes, shoes or accessories that are of good quality, clean, dry, and wearable (no underwear please) to swap and update your wardrobe!  When you bring some clothes, you will be given a token to “buy” items that other people have brought along!

Donations for WaterAid as part of World Water Day.