The Heart of the Community project

The Heart of the Community project is an amazing, ambitious piece of work, which is absolutely central to our life as a church. It’s an audacious plan to take our vision of living to make a difference to a whole new level. And everyone is invited to play a part in making it happen.

Four key ambitions

The Heart of the Community project has four specific aims, which can all enable our lives to make even more of a difference.

  • Create a spacious modern meeting place in the centre of the community
  • Restore our historic church building for generations to come
  • Upgrade our existing community rooms
  • Fund outreach and anti-poverty projects locally, nationally and internationally

Each of these four ambitions is included to help us fulfil our vision of living to make a difference, through discipleship, outreach and serving the community.

How far we’ve come

The project was officially launched in May 2012 with the initial fundraising target of £5.8m. Members of St Michael’s Church responded to the call to give generously and sacrificially. On a single Sunday, £2m was given or pledged over five years to get the project off to an incredible start.

This short video was produced after that amazing first gift day.

Since that first amazing gift day, even more people have chosen to support the project financially, and we continue to host an annual gift day, enabling each of us to review our regular giving and one-off donations.

To date (figures from 30 April 2022) worshippers at St Michael’s have given more than £5,508,128 (including Gift Aid contributions from the government) to support the four ambitions of the Heart of the Community project. Those gifts, combined with a number of charitable loans from supportive organisations and individuals, have enabled us to press on with the work of the project.

Building work on the new St Michael’s Church Centre began in July 2013.

Derelict farm buildings in the heart of Stoke Gifford were transformed into our new church centre.

In September 2014 the shell of the new building was dedicated and the project was blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. By April 2015 the first phase was completed at a total cost of £4.51m – of which £2.04m was borrowed.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, visits and blesses the new building in September 2014.

Work to fit and furnish the first phase of the new church centre continued, with our reception and downstairs office areas, storage, toilets, a small kitchen, three meeting rooms and the ground floor of the auditorium (300 seats) ready to open by May 2015.

A church gathering on the ground floor of the new auditorium shortly after it opened in 2015.

Making a difference around the world

Of all the financial gifts made to the project, we’ve committed 10% to support our mission and outreach partners elsewhere in the UK and around the world.

More than £403,130 has so far been given to building and development projects. Projects that are making a real difference to the lives of people in the UK and several countries overseas, where the link mission partners of St Michael’s Church are working.

There are more details about these projects in the mission pages of this website.  You can also read more on the latest tithe donations made here

What next?

There’s much to celebrate, new opportunities to grow, serve and reach out, and plenty more fundraising and hard work ahead for the Heart of the Community project.

The Old School Rooms

The project has funded a new tiled floor throughout the foyer of the Old School Rooms. Our coffee shop, kitchen and the various meeting spaces in the Old School Rooms are used more than ever for church and community activities.

The Church

We aim to continue to support the refurbishment in the historic Church building. This could include levelling the flooring, renewing the seating, providing toilets and increasing visibility inside.
Alongside this, we will continue to make 10% of monies raised available for worthy causes. The latest news on this can be found here

The Centre

Seating for another 160 people was added to the auditorium in the new church centre in the spring of 2018, with the completion of the balcony. This has accommodated further growth in numbers and enabled us to host more larger regional and national events, beginning with the Diocese of Bristol Connections Conference at the end of April.

Between autumn 2016 and spring 2017 we funded the mechanical and electrical work to provide heating and cabling for lighting, power and data connections to the arched barns area and the upstairs of the new centre. That means everything is in place to complete the remaining rooms as further funds become available.

In 2020 we opened a suite of new seminar and meeting rooms along the “Arches” corridor, including a fully equipped kitchen.

At the beginning of the Heart of the Community Project, total loans were £2,040,000 were taken out to fund the construction of the St Michael’s Centre.   Since the last HOTC Gift Day, a further £237,377 of those loans have been repaid, leaving £631,775 of loans still to be repaid.   Through the generosity of the St Michael’s congregations, we hope to reduce that figure by a further £200k+ in the next 12 months, especially as interest rates are increasing.

Fundraising continues

Everyone is invited to play their part in the Heart of the Community project. That means hundreds of us committing to pray, to support in practical ways, and to consider carefully what level of sacrificial giving we could add to the growing total of funds raised.

At every stage of the project we’ve had to trust God as we’ve taken bold steps towards these audacious ambitions. We’re certain that God guides us and encourages us to continue towards that vision. And this faith-stretching challenge goes on.

What can I give?

We host a gift day for the Heart of the Community project once a year, and we have been amazed by God’s generosity and the faithfulness of his people again and again. But we can choose to make a one-off gift, or commit to a regular monthly donation at any time.

Click here for more information on how to give.

Tax-payers can also fill in a Gift Aid form which instructs the government to contribute another 25% on top of your donation, at no cost to you or the project.

We’re also delighted when groups or individuals choose to organise a fundraising activity for the Heart of the Community project. Dozens of different events have been staged over the last few years, and it’s not too late for you to add yours.

Be part of it

Some say that community spirit is a thing of the past. Our vision says the opposite. We live to restore relationships, re-build community and enable more people to come together and discover the difference our lives can make.


We invite everyone to enjoy the new facilities, spread the word and to consider supporting the project. Together we can all play a part in making this vision a reality, completing every element of the project and really living to make a difference at the heart of our communities.

Registered Charity

The official name of the Heart of the Community project charity is St Michael’s Church Centre Limited.

Registered Charity No.1149601