Church for Changing Times

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PDF of presentation given at the open mornings click here

The church building is important to our community and to our worship.

We are committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing the building as our legacy for generations to come.

We have spent a considerable sum past two years on building work to the tower, stonework, boundary wall and new roofs.

We are now looking to improve safety, visibility and accessibility by:

Removing the raised platform where the altar and choir are, and levelling the entire floor of the church replacing the existing worn and uneven flooring. Numerous areas of tiling are loose and need repairing. 

Removing the two large, square pillars between the north aisle and the nave and reducing the size of the roof support at the east end of the chancel (in front of the organ).

Providing two toilets in the vestry, one accessed from the inside and one accessed from the outside.

Replace the pews with comfortable and flexible seating which will enable a wider range of activities to take place within the building.

Replace the external vestry door with approved fire escape door.

A steering group has been formed to oversee the process and we are currently at the stage of obtaining 3 competitive quotes.

We are excited to move forward on this, making our church building, fit for generations to come, whilst honouring it’s history.

At our Gift Day for buildings and resources back in June, we had a reminder of the four key ambitions for the Heart of the Community project:

  • Create a spacious modern meeting place in the centre of the community
  • Restore our historic church building for generations to come
  • Upgrade our existing community rooms
  • Fund outreach and anti-poverty projects locally, nationally and internationally

These refurbishments come under the second of these ambitions.