Sixty thousand pound donation to Heart of the Community

This week we received an extremely generous grant from a charitable trust in Bristol.

The Heart of the Community finance and fundraising team have been carefully applying to many different funding organisations. 

The Temple Ecclesiastical Charity said they “were impressed by the application, by the boldness of the project, and by all the hard work which is clearly being put into it” and offered to donate £60,000 to help us realise our vision of living to make a difference.

The trust’s purpose is to support the charitable work of the Church of England in the Bristol area. Their funding policies give priority to the projects where they feel their grants will “make the most difference”.

We are extremely grateful for their generous support, particularly as it will help to fund the capital costs of the new church and community centre building work.

This is the third major donation to the Heart of the Community project from different trusts and charities. Please join us in giving thanks for this encouraging support, and praying for the success of future applications to other funding organisations.