Church Member Directory

The Church Member Directory for the next 12 months will be available from Sunday 17 June.

You can order a copy by signing-up here. It will then be made available to you for collection.
In an effort to produce less waste, and to ensure data privacy, copies must be ordered in advance

The Church Directory includes members of St Michael’s who have given express permission on thier data consent form to be included , and are over 18. It is no longer just limited to Electoral Roll members.

There will be a sign-up sheet for those who are not able to order their copy online.

The Church Member Directory will only be made available in paper format.

ChurchSuite is available for those who wish to look online, and each individual can set their own privacy and visibility settings

Suggested donation for the Directory is 50p

Welcome Matters

Saturday 16 June 10am

A chance to look at how we welcome people!

Recent studies indicate that most visitors decide within the first 5 minutes whether or not to return to a Church.
The key factor in that decision is whether or not they feel welcome.

Words of welcome in notice sheets, while important, are meaningless if they aren’t accompanied by welcoming people.

As our services and celebrations grow and evolve, we are looking to strengthen our welcome team and be more pro-active in our welcome across all congregations

Please come to a session to re-envision our welcome on Saturday 16 June from 10am-11-45am in St Michael’s Centre Auditorium

Come and discover how we can become an even more welcoming church.

What will the session be like?

Together we will discover how to welcome new people into St Michael’s. We will think through what’s good about our current approach and where we can improve. We will learn new skills that are simple, but effective in making our welcome better.

One person’s welcome is another person’s ‘too much’. We want to make people feel welcome, but we don’t want to scare them away by being too overpowering.

Come along to discover how to spot the difference!

We’re asking everyone to let us know their views on this welcome audit and bring it along on the day

Please let us know whether you’re coming by responding here

The morning will run from 9.45am for coffee and will start at 10am.  We will finish by 11.45am

Welcome Audit

Church Tower

You may have noticed scaffolding around St Michael’s Church this week.

This has gone up, as we are carrying out  remedial work on the church tower.

The work is scheduled to be completed by the middle of August

Heart of the Community Gift Day – Total So Far

Thank you so much for all those who responded at the Gift day.

So far, we can report that £343,000 has been pledged. Most of this is lumps sums with some as monthly donations.

This is an incredible result! God is SO good.

The St Michael’s Church Centre Trustees at their meeting on Monday decided that we should pay off one of our Mortgage loans to the amount of £115,000.

This was mentioned on our Gift Day leaflet as an aspiration and will save us £20,000 per annum in repayments of capital and interest.

There is more work to be finished in the Old School Rooms, The Church building and the Church centre.

Do pray for the Trustees as they seek the Lord’s wisdom on the priorities of these works.

Those who have pledged:

Please transfer your donation via BACS or set up a standing order to

St Michael’s Church centre -HOTC

Sort code: 30-62-32

Account number: 34805560

Reference: your surname. Cheques can be payable to St Michael’s Church centre -HOTC.

Do contact us with any queries.