Our Goals

We aim to serve our community with quality childcare in a Christian environment.

We aim to work in partnership with our parents building relationships and gaining mutual trust by sharing information and acknowledging that parents are the first educators.

We aim to provide a staff team who are passionate about working with children and who are committed to professional development. Staff act as positive role models to children, inspire curiosity, challenge their thinking and gently guide children in directions that will further their learning and development.

We aim to offer equality of opportunities in order to promote positive attitudes to diverse cultures and abilities.

We aim to provide an environment where all children feel valued, safe, secure and loved. This enhances their self-esteem and promotes their independence by developing an awareness of self-worth and pride in their achievements and gives them the skills and confidence to take risks.

We aim to help children achieve in an environment where children’s interests are followed, allowing each child to develop into confident and independent learners and reach their maximum potential.

We aim to deliver a curriculum that offers a broad range of experiences within an environment where children can flourish. Within our inclusive environment, children’s curiosity is encouraged and their love of learning expands.

We aim to liaise closely with our local community, in particular, our church and school. We want the children to feel like part of a community so we provide opportunities for children to go on walks to explore their wider environment.