Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery is situated in a large Victorian stone building across two floors, the upper floor is only accessible using stairs. We have two outdoor play areas, one small area which is concrete and a larger grassed area.

How does St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery know if children need extra support and what should parents do if they think their child may have a special educational need or disability?

At St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery we allocate a key person to each individual child, they are responsible for the child’s development whilst at the setting. The key person will observe each child regularly and use information gained to inform planning and next steps to support the child’s learning and development. As parents you will be asked to share information about your child to allow us to gain an overall view of their learning both at home and at the setting. The key person will also complete assessments three times a year on every child and from this they will identify any support required. All assessments will be shared with parents and you will be able to add your own comments. If a parent has concerns about their child they should first speak to the key person who can co-ordinate with the Special Educational needs Co-ordinator to have a meeting so we can all work together to identify the needs of the child.

How will staff support my child?

  • St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery has a named SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator – Kelly Snow assisted by Karen Green & Vanessa Rennolds) to support the key person, child and parent to make sure the child’s individual needs are met. Our contact details are as follows: – Telephone 0117 923 6395 or email
  • St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery follow the SEND code of practice 0-25 years.
  • Key person supported by SENCO will complete an individual play plan to provide additional support for the child alongside the parents. The plan will be reviewed regularly and the key person supported by SENCO will work collaboratively to make sure the targets and strategies are put in place.
  • Sometimes a child may need additional support e.g. Language and Communication, additional funding can be sought via settings committee to have extra resources or staff.
  • SENCO and key person will liaise with outside agencies such as Speech and Language, Play therapist, Physiotherapist, Early Years Team etc.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

  • Key person will work with parents to share information about their child and observe the child to get to know their interest and how they learn. From information gained they will adapt activities to support your child in their learning.
  • Strategies such as “now and then” board, Makaton, visual aids and small group activities will be used (if more information required please contact the Manager).

How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

  • Key person will have regular contact with the parents/carers to update and discuss progress.
  • Progress will be recorded in child’s learning journey using written observations and photographs. Parents/carers are encouraged to input their comments in the learning journeys about what child is doing at home. Parents have access to their child’s learning journeys, please speak to key person.
  • Parents will attend meetings with key person, SENCO and with any outside agencies involved.
  • St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery has an open door policy and staff are always available for parents to discuss their child’s progress and development.

What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

  • We offer settling in visits so children can become familiar with the Pre-School and Nursery environment.
  • The Key Person will discuss routines such as sleep and any medical needs. Administration of medicines, health care plan if required. Additional training will be completed to administer any additional medication. (see medicine policy)
  • Positive behaviour is promoted, a Behaviour policy is in place and we have a named co-ordinator. Any behaviour concerns will be discussed with you and strategies put in place to work consistently at Nursery and home.
  • To safeguard the child parents are asked to sign their child out if another person is collecting parents need to tell staff and a password is used.
  • Practitioners listen to the child however they communicate their needs in all areas of play, especially at group times and one to one key worker time.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the Pre-School and Nursery and how do you all work together?

  • As required we work with various professionals, they are invited to attend the setting to observe and work with your child in this environment. Parent’s consent is obtained and they are invited into the setting when necessary to meet with staff and other professionals.
  • We work in partnership with parents and professionals, having TAC (Team Around the Child) meetings to discuss targets and outcomes.
  • Parents will receive a copy of every report written on their child.
  • Staff and SENCO will update their knowledge by attending various training events.

What training have the staff had who are supporting children with SEND?

  • The SENCO has attended the most recent SEND code of Practice training.
  • The SENCO and staff have experience of children with SEND and attend various training courses run by South Gloucestershire Council. Training is then fed back to all staff at staff meetings.
  • We reflect on our practice and attend training when a particular need is identified.
  • Some staff are Makaton trained, and another staff member has completed a BSL course.
  • A member of staff has attended training on Autism.

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including trips?

  • We go on local walks to the church, train station and shops. Risk assessments are completed, outings checklist, mobile phone is taken and first aid kit, medicine as required. Children wear High Visual jackets.

How accessible is the setting’s environment?

  • Access to the ground floor and garden is available to all. We would work closely with parents to provide the best area for the child to access all resources and activities to meet their needs.
  • At present there is no access for wheelchairs to upstairs, sadly we are unable to make reasonable adjustments for this.
  • The setting has a disabled toilet.
  • Children with English as an Additional Language, the parents are encouraged to share key words in their home language. St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery have books in different languages representing the languages of children attending our setting. Visual timetables to assist with daily routines.
  • The dining room is equipped with soundproofing boards to keep the noise levels to a minimum.
  • Toys are at children’s level for easy access and we are building on our sensory toys.

How will St Michael’s prepare and support my child with transitions?

  • We have a settling in, key person and transition policy to support children transitioning to different areas in the setting. The key person will work with the new key person to hand over all information to aid the transition.
  • Settling in visits at first to familiarise child and parents with the environment of the setting and to discuss the child’s routine and needs.
  • Work closely with local schools, teachers are invited to visit the setting and meet the children to aid in the transition. Relevant documents are completed and given to schools to aid the transition to school.

How are St Michael’s resources allocated and matched to child’s special educational needs?

  • SENCO will discuss with Manager what resources are available. Funding for extra staff or specialised equipment will be sought through the committee.
  • Parents will be involved in meetings with staff, SENCO and Manager to discuss specific resources as and when required.

How is the decision made about my child’s needs and how much support will my child receive?

  • The key person and SENCO will work closely with parents to identify their child’s needs.
  • They will have regular meeting with parents and any outside agencies supporting their child.

How are parents involved at St Michael’s Church Pre-School and Nursery? How can I be involved?

  • Open door policy.
  • Communications books between home and setting.
  • Newsletters.
  • Parents notice board.
  • Stay and play sessions.
  • Wine and cheese evenings.
  • Fun Day.
  • Facebook (closed group).
  • Parent Committee.
  • Resources to take home e.g. song sack, cookery bag.

You can download a pdf copy of our Local Offer by CLICKING HERE