When we open you will be warmly greeted by a member of staff. When you enter the hall corridor, your child will find their peg and hang up their coat and bag. The children will say their goodbyes and will be walked upstairs (to the rooms they use) by staff members. We start the session with a register that enables us to welcome your child and talk to them before the session starts.

We use four rooms, where there will be an adult-led activity plus a wide range of free play activities for the children to choose from. Activities are changed on a regular basis, some daily and some weekly. Activities include sand, water, painting, junk modelling, play dough, home corner, office, hospital, board games, puzzles, Duplo, stickle bricks, floor toys such as train set, cars and garage, farmyard, dolls house, bikes, slide, obstacle course etc. Activities are both inside and out.

Mid-session we have a snack. This consists of milk or water to drink and healthy snacks including fresh fruit, vegetables and breadsticks. This is a social time in small groups. While we are waiting for all the children to finish eating and drinking we reflect on the activities we have done during the session or things the children have done at home.

In accordance with The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, children will have the opportunity to play outside whatever the weather. Therefore, please ensure that your child has wellington boots and warm clothing in the winter months.

At the end of the session, we have group time. Group time can be either singing/musical instruments/maths activities etc. At the end of every session, we pray to our “Special Friend” Jesus.

The children then say their goodbyes to their friends and are signed out one by one, ready to tell you all about their Pre-School session.