Baby Room

Welcome to our Baby Room where we care for children aged from 3 months to 2 years old. The spacious environment enables each individual child space to grow and develop freely. 

All children have continuous access to exciting and age-appropriate provision supporting each stage of development. From our curiosity boards to our slide, each child can explore, learn and thrive within our rich enabling environment.

Our babies have their own nappy changing facilities just a stone’s throw away from their main room, which is situated next to their sleep room.

It is vital that all children, especially those within our Baby Room have a well-supported transition from home to Nursery. Children within these earlier years have their care needs assessed and we work with parents/carers to ensure we always provide the best possible care for each individual child.

We share a daily record, updated daily with our parents/carers which outline your child’s day. Our baby room caters for up to 9 children per session.

Caterpillar Room

Welcome to our Caterpillar Room where we care for children aged 16 months years to 3 years. We have two rooms which the children can explore freely and with confidence.

Our space freely leads itself to be messy and creative in one area and the other supporting their imaginative play.

The children within this area have continuous access to a range of resources building on their interests and extending their learning. 

Our Caterpillar children have their own bathroom, with nappy changing facilities and their own child-friendly toilets to support those children who begin toilet training.

This room has free-flow access to the outdoors allowing the children to choose what and where they want to play throughout the day. We really are an outdoor Nursery and enjoy observing the cause and effect of the natural environment.

Our Caterpillar Room caters for up to 15 children per session.


Welcome to our Pre-School where we care for children aged 3 to 5 years.

Our Pre-School is based on the first floor of the Nursery where we have four rooms. Here the children can develop their learning and extend their interests. Each room allows the children to focus on all areas of learning, within rooms designed to challenge and diversify their interests.

The children have free access to move between the different rooms upstairs and are encouraged to access all rooms to further deepen their development.

Throughout their journey with us, we encourage the children to be independent in their learning. As our children reach Pre-School we continue to support this to enable them to be confident, resilient learners ready for school.     

The Pre-School has its own bathroom with four child-friendly toilets and sinks. 

Our Pre-School caters for up to 38 children per session

We have limited spaces available for our sessional Pre-School, which is 9-3 or half day 9-12 or 12-3 term time only, for children receiving the NEG grant. For more information please contact us.